Quick Guide:  Who to contact & responsible for what?


PBM Property Management:

  • Property Communal Areas; cleaning, maintenance & repairs
  • Bike & bin stores
  • Kennet Island parks, conservation area and landscaping.
  • Anti-social behaviour / fly-tipping (please also report to police and/or housing association)
  • Service Charges

Reading Borough Council:

  • Buses and bus lanes
  • Issues with roads, pavements, illegal parking on roads or pavements and street lights
  • Bins collections, recycling, collection of large or bulky goods
  • Noise complaints in unsociable hours to environmental health department

Housing Association Houses & Shared Ownership Apartments:

  • All issues from repairs, maintenance, rents, service charges, antisocial behaviour, house swaps.

PCM - Parking Control Management Ltd:

    • All issues with allocated or visitor parking bays.
    • Parking Permits; lost, stolen & re-issues

Emergencies & Safety:

      • Fire, Police & Ambulance - if emergency services required on: 999.
      • Reporting of crime, anti-social behaviour, illegal parking - non-emergency number: 101.
      • Gas Leak: 0800 111 999.  Power Cut: 105

Berkeley Homes:

      • Leasehold Ground Rents, All private property & build questions, including; private gardens, balconies and interior living spaces.
      • All housing association properties, please report any issues with property interiors to your Housing Association

PBM Property Management

The previous Hallmark office in the central Piazza is now closed effective July 1st 2022.

PBM Office Opening Hours:  Monday - Friday  9am - 5pm

Residents in Housing Association properties should contact their Housing Association for all maintenance and issues; who report and follow up all issues with PBM Property Management or the appropriate contactor or service provider.

Emergency Line open 24 hours.

PLEASE NOTE:  Emergency line is only for emergencies.  Gas, Water, Electrical emergencies in communal areas, damage or vandalism requiring immediate attention to secure or make safe.  Do not use for general repairs, maintenance or ANY car parking issues - calls to emergency line for non-emergencies incur a cost of £30 to the service charge. 

For all non-emergencies; maintenance issues can be reported 24 hours a day via the web form on the maintenance & reporting page, or you can speak to PBM directly in the site office or by phone the next working day during office hours.

OFFICE PHONE; Mon - Fri - 9am to 5pm

020 8236 1270


Heron House, Whale Avenue,

Reading, RG2 0GJ.


020 8236 1270

Reading Borough Council

You should contact Reading Borough Council for;

Council Tax, Waste bin and recycling collections and missed collections, large item waste collections, roads and street signs, street lights and pavements, schools, voting & elections, planning & benefits.

Office Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri  9am - 5pm

PHONE Mon - Fri

0118 937 3787


Civic Offices, Bridge Street,

Reading, RG1 2LU.

Housing Associations

Kennet Island residents in Housing Association properties should contact their housing association for all matters related to their properties.  This includes repairs and maintenance, housing swaps, renting, key worker housing, student housing, social housing, part ownership & anti-social behaviour.

Parking Control Management Ltd

Lost, stolen & replacement Permits:  Call, option 3 for Permits - replacement permits cost £5, they can take a few days to arrive in the post, PCM will therefore issue you with a temporary permit code over the phone to put in your window while your permanent permit is posted to you.  You can also call to get temporary visitor parking codes or to report parking violations.

PHONE Mon - Fri

01753 512 603

Emergencies, Crime & Anti-Social Behaviour

In case of an emergency for the Fire Brigade, Ambulance or Police, DIAL:  999

If a crime is taking place, i.e. robbery or vandalism: Call 999

If reporting a crime that has taken place or for non-emergency police, call Thames Valley Police on: 101

For anti-social Behaviour or Vandalism, please report to the Thames Valley Police on 101 AND report to PBM Property Management

If the vandalism or anti-social behaviour is cause by a resident of Kennet Island, PBM Property Management can take action and charge the cost of any repairs to communal areas, parks, lighting and buildings to the resident or household responsible, rather than having the cost charged, through the Service Charge to all residents.

Gas Safety Emergency

In case of a gas emergency, for example if you smell gas or suspect a gas leak,

call the National Gas Emergency Line 24hours a day on:  0800 111 999  

If a gas or carbon monoxide leak was found, please report the case to PBM Property Management.

Electricity - Power Cuts

In case of a power cut - call 105 the national grid power cut reporting line. 

They will direct your call to your local electricity network provider 24 hours a day; SSE or Energetics supply Kennet Island, depending on your address.

Berkeley Homes


If you have any questions as a freeholder or a leaseholder about the interior of your property, including defects, maintenance, snagging & repairs you can contact Berkeley Homes Customer Service:  As the land freeholder, Berkeley are also responsible for Ground Rents in all leasehold properties, contact; .

Within the first 10 years of completion, as new build properties, many parts of your property building are guaranteed under the national NHBC system.  visit: for more details. 

Other areas of the new property are under different warranties and guarantees, such as kitchen appliances, electricals etc.  Details of these can be found in your home pack from Berkeley Homes.

If you are renting - please contact your landlord.  If you are in a housing association property - please contact your housing association as your first contact.

Kennet Island - Residents Steering Group

You can contact the Residents Steering Group, made up of volunteer residents living in Kennet Island.  The group meet on a regular basis with the RMC and Property Management to discuss the organisation, running and maintenance of Kennet Island, as well as complaints, concerns and requests from the residents.  The contact form will email the steering group, if you wish to be contacted about your message, please provide contact details.